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Pediatric Hospital in Pipeline


Census figures have indicated that out of a total population of 1.2 billion people in India, more than 50% are under the age of 30, and 60% of the population live in the villages. Therefore, there is need for medical care for the treatment of disability in children from the rural areas. The society will endeavor to mobilize funds from corporate and individual donors both from India and abroad for setting up the facilities to bring the medical care facilities within the reach of economically weaker sections of the society.

Children with disabilities require constant care and attention and special schools for their training. It is the society’s aim to set up a rehabilitation center for these challenged children very close to the hospital. Society also focuses on prevention of disability by modular expert intervention for High Risk Pregnancies.

The society is specially keen to set up a centre for diagnosis and treatment of disabilities in children. It is the aim of the society to have an apex hospital at Kolkata which will be logistically linked to a number of satellite centres in various districts of West Bengal. 


The project plot is strategically located near the VIP Road and is ideally suited for the proposed hospital with excellent communication facilities and proximity to the airport and will cater to a vast cross-section of population and diverse economic backgrounds.Laid out over a 2-acre complex, the project is conceived as a hub centred around the Superspeciality Hospital and comprising of various other facilities and activity centres as follows:

  • The SUPERSPECIALITY Paediatric Hospital, specialised for children with disability, will have 270 Beds specialised for children with disability along with a Child Development Centre.
  • Our state of the art hospital will have all the technically sound facilities required for a specialized pediatric hospital under one roof such as
    • Pediatric Cardiology
    • Pediatric Orthopedic
    • Pediatric Neurology
    • Pediatric Ophthalmology
    • Pediatric E.N.T
    • Pediatric Gastroenterology
    • Pediatric Dental care
    • Pediatric Dermatology.
    • Pediatric Surgery.
  •  For special children our approach will be inclusive one
    • Promotion of mental health
    • Preventing intervention in respect of mental disorder
    • Imparting resilience in promoting mental health 


  • The hospital will be set up with intension of extensive medical research.
  • Running academic programmes offering structured training in different medical sector under expert faculty and guidance.
  • Courses on Developmental Paediatrics: There is a high demand of this kind of professional courses in India. The only similar course in India runs in Trivandrum University.
  • TRAINING CENTER for Nurses, other Staff, Doctors and Parents with the following courses
  • Teachers Training Courses : Training for Special Educational Need Co-ordinators (SENCO) and Special Educators.
  • All facilities to conform to the best standard including auditorium, library, consultant rooms, laboratory etc

REHABILITATION CENTRE:  Rehabilitation is to be addressed in all intensity and meaningfulness in the hospital. A Rehab Centre will be set up by Society For Welfare Of Children under medical guidance for disabled children with facilities for accommodation and multidisciplinary input. A round the clock functioning department for rehab unit with dedicated team.

In Addition:

  • 24-hour radiology, laboratory services and Emergency Services.
  • Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)
  • Single- or double-occupancy rooms that comply with guidelines for
  • Prevention of nosocomial infections.
  • Enough space to accommodate parents, who may choose to stay with their children
  • Play area and entire existing facilities.
  • RESIDENTIAL FACILITIES for Doctors, Nurses and senior Staff.
  • GUEST HOUSE FACILITIES for Patients’ families.

Each of these units is engaged as a separate revenue-earning centre which will be sustainable and managed independently under an apex body.