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Autism Basics
(Continuation of Last One)
People with classic autism show three types of symptoms: impaired social interaction, the problem with verbal and non-verbal communication severely limited activities or interests. People with autism may have a different time relating the outside world and may have unusual relation to the people around him. They may demonstrate aggressive behaviour by one’s activity, unusual passivity in relating to parents, family members and others.
Actually, autism is a spectrum disorder – the symptoms and characteristics of autism can present themselves in a wide variety of combination. Two children both with the same diagnosis can act very different from one another and have varying skills.
Depending on ones, specific symptoms a child with autism can be included in any one of the following: Persons with autistic behaviour but well-developed language skills are often diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Apart from classic autistic disorder, and Asperger Syndrome, CDD, PDNOS, Rett Syndrome another conditions included in ASD, which occurs only in girls and cause them to develop autism-like symptoms after seemingly normal development. Rett syndrome is sex-linked genetic disorder characterized by inadequate brain growth seizures and other neurological problem.
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—- taken from an article of K. S. Adhikaree, Ex Asstt. Commissioner