To eliminate and prevent disability from its roots

To support downtrodden and disabled children and women by enabling them to access education, vocational training and economic rehabilitation

To extend the benefits of modern medical science to downtrodden, particularly those living in the neglected rural areas

To provide preventive and curative medical therapies for treatment of disabilities

[t_pricing_table padding=”true” animation=”zoom” plan_style=”rounded”][t_plan title=”Short Term Initiative Plan ” color=”custom” title_background=”#41bf3b” title_color=”#ffffff” shadow=”true” width=”1/3″]
  • Spreading awareness through camps for prevention and cure of disability
  • Psychological counseling
  • Parents and teachers counseling
  • Organizing free health school screening camps
[/t_plan][t_plan title=”Mid Term Initiative Plan ” color=”custom” title_background=”#1e73be” title_color=”#ffffff” width=”1/3″]
  • Organizing health check up camps and free medical treatment
  • Setting up of awareness/information centers for monthly interaction program
  • Organizing seminars/workshops on health and education and training of trainers
  • Exposure to vocational training
  • Establishment of referral health center for the Child Development Center
[/t_plan][t_plan title=”Long Term Initiative Plan” color=”custom” title_background=”#dd3333″ title_color=”#ffffff” width=”1/3″]
  • Establishment of integrated/inclusive school
  • Establishment of vocational training school
  • Establishment of a super-specialized state-of-the-art Hospital for disability treatment of children and mothers