Continuation of 2nd Part…

7. In order to deal with the child with the disability, parents would better acquaint themselves with the nature of problems and the measures adoptable by other parents that would enormously benefit. For this, keeping regular touch with other parents would no doubt be helpful. Exchanges and interactions between the parents enhance self-confidence and assure appropriate dealing with the child with the disability.
8. In modern day world, people are busy in satisfying themselves. Whether in opulence or penury everybody loves oneself most and the grievance is the outcome when one is made to take care of others. But parents with children with disabilities are to devote larger share or their time towards the children. If no time is given or care of the special child is left under the responsibility of a hired person or others a hostile situation would be faced. In that event, life would be less sweet and the world aggressive. Devoting greater time to the special child does not imply overprotection, nor rejection. It means to find ways how to bring the special child to mainstream life as close as possible. No person other than parents will be able to devote time and care to children with disabilities.
9. Issues involving the welfare of persons with disabilities can best be upheld by the parents who have the most intimate knowledge about the problems. As pointed out earlier interaction and exchanges between the parents strengthen them in dealing with the problems. But parents are really empowered if they form groups. All know one stick is weaker than a bundle. Similarly, parents groups or association are strong and essential. It on the one side would reiterate that a parent is not alone, and general satisfaction about the strength of the group is always a better choice as it is stronger than an individual.
10. Alert parents must be satisfied with what the therapists, if any, are doing and for what. Spending money, devoting time all are expensive in terms of money. The resource cannot be wasted. If any treatment or therapy is not effective frustration would creep in and parents may be demoralized. This also advocates involvement.
To be Continued……
                                                                                                      Taken from
                                                 Commissioner Disabilities, Govt. of West Bengal