Everybody would perhaps agree to the proposition that sooner we identify or detect a mistake and fire greater the chances of success and prevention of destruction. Similarly, disability, if detected early the impact, is minimal. Despair and gloom have no cutting edge Nor anybody is ready to pay attention to lamentation for the irony of fate usually made scapegoat by parents when a child either born with a disability or become disable by any reason. The most piercing is the pain when parents are faced with problems of children with mental disabilities, cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities. There is no doubt that parent’s responsibilities are greatest in shaping the future of offsprings.

Some steps are suggested :

  1. When a child with the disability is born the parents, as well as other members of the family, are upset. They wear look of gloom. But there is no reason for being upset because anxiety and bewilderment would not relieve them. What is required is to accept the fact and deal with the problem. Parents should not be over-protective. Neither they should be reluctant.
  2. It has been seen that considerable time, say 4 to 5 years are passed before the disability is detected and confirmed. It is not uncommon that people are ignorant of disabilities with their types and the actual needs. So it is advisable for all parents to in touch with networking system concerned with the disability sector. Thereby they would have the idea about the type of disability, its symptoms, impact and measures to be adopted.

Once knowledge about the type of disability is acquired the next thing parents should do is consulting specialists. The concerned specialist would of course after examination gives guidance in the matter of training, education, aids and appliances, therapy whatever is required. In this matter, it is better to go to the specialists who are attached to special schools or organization. It is further advisable to consult specialists who are professionals recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India. Even, whether doctors are to be consulted would be advised by such specialists. If RCI registered specialists are found to misguide by any chance parents can complain with the RCI Govt. Of India.

To be Continued……

                                                                                                                                     Reference is taken from “Sfuran”

Commissioner Disabilities, Govt. Of West Bengal