Seminar on Mental Health, Prevention of Depression & Disability

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Chief Guest of Honor- MLA Mr. Sujit Bose
Key Speaker – eminent psychiatrist and scientist Dr. Tapas Banerjee

A seminar was organized by Society for Welfare of Children on ‘Mental Health, Prevention of Depression and Disability’ on 27th Aug, 2015 at the society office in sector-1, Saltlake. This society is constantly working for the betterment of differently abled children of our society. It runs a CDC (Children Development Centre) where specialists and therapists treat each patient with great care according to individual needs. Counseling of the parents is also done by the therapists. Society is working relentlessly towards its goal of setting a super- speciality paediatric hosital with CDC.

This seminar was a special event by the society since stress, depression, anxiety are the part and parcel of life now. To survive we need to fight these invisible enemies daily. Keeping this in mind SFWOC has organized this health awareness seminar to help us understand and overcome these tribulations.

Eminent psychiatrist Dr. Tapas Banerjee was the key speaker along with Dr. Kiran Gupta. Both of them shared their experiences and explained how depression has become one of the main reasons for most of the diseases. They shared that even a child can be a patient of depression. Medicine may cure the problems from outside, but the core problem can only be eliminated from root through the process of counseling. They explained the necessity of counseling in today’s life. They told that everyone can opt for counseling to have a less nerve-racking life.
MLA Sujit Bose was present as the Chief Guest of Honor. He previously donated one lakh for SFWOC from MLA’s fund. Society bought two new therapy machines, an audio metre and a speech trainer with that fund. Honorable MLA inaugurated those two machines and launched new website of Society for Welfare of Children.